Declan Carlyle

CEO, Bartra Healthcare

Declan is CEO of Bartra Healthcare with overall responsibility for the integration, management, and development of the Bartra Healthcare portfolio. Passionate about continuous improvement and development, Declan joined Bartra Healthcare in early 2020. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer on 1 May 2020 and has lead Bartra Healthcare’s continued growth through the  unprecedented challenges of the Covid pandemic.

Before joining Bartra, Declan held a number of senior positions in large private and public companies. His most recent public position was with CIÉ, the state’s main public transport provider. Declan’s private sector experience comes from his time with Ireland’s largest media organisation, INM, where he gained considerable experience in multi-disciplinary roles cumulating in his appointment as Managing Director and HR Director of INIL, the main Irish division, and most profitable division, within the INM Group.

Married to Helen, Declan has three children, Dominick, Joseph and Shelley. He is a keen GAA fan and enjoys nothing more than spoiling a good walk by playing bad golf.


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