Priya Madhu

COO Bartra Healthcare

Following 24 years working in the acute medical sector in a variety of roles overseas and in Ireland, including Directorate Nurse Manager for Medicine and Emergency Medicine in St Vincent’s Hospital, Priya joined Bartra Healthcare in 2020. Drawing on her background in strategic, operational, and clinical leadership, she successfully led the setup of the transitional care unit at Beaumont Lodge.

As an expert in overseeing high-quality care, project management, strategic thinking, and complex problem solving, Priya is well equipped to ensure that decisions are made in a patient-centric, efficient, and compliant manner. Her specialist knowledge, clinical expertise, and operational skills have proven to be the driving force behind the success of Bartra’s transitional care model. As a skilled health care professional, Priya leverages an extensive academic background, including Postgraduate and Master’s in leadership and Strategy Public Management, Respiratory Medicine and is a Certified mediator for Ireland.