Efficient operations are the bedrock of success in today's competitive landscape. Our Operations Management expertise is designed to optimise every facet of your business, ensuring seamless, cost-effective, and performance-driven processes, with a particular focus on co-living and healthcare, two industries we are renowned in. We specialise in operations management tailored to reduce risk and enhance tenant retention, with a particular focus on healthcare and co-living developments.

Our highly experienced team brings a wealth of expertise to the table, offering operations management services that are indispensable for the effective management of your healthcare and co-living real estate assets.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we provide strategic insights that not only boost the profitability of your investments but also enhance their long-term value. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to ensuring your assets are managed efficiently while elevating the overall quality of work and living environments. Trust us to deliver operational excellence, safeguarding the success and growth of your investments in these specialised sectors.

Our Operations Management Services Include

Operational Efficiency

Our Operations Management service streamlines your business processes, optimising efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

Mitigated Risks

We implement robust risk management strategies, safeguarding your operations from potential disruptions.

Improved Profitability

By fine-tuning operations, we enhance profitability and maximise the return on your investments.

Enhanced Asset Value

Our expertise contributes to the long-term appreciation of your assets, ensuring sustained value growth.

Tenant Satisfaction

We focus on tenant needs, providing a conducive environment that fosters tenant retention and satisfaction.

Strategic Insights

Leveraging our unique understanding of tenant aspirations, we develop tailored management strategies to optimise portfolio value and long-term success.

Operations Management Portfolio

Operations Management Team

Niche Living Operations Team

David McGuinness

Managing Director Niche Living

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Nigel McGuire

Chief Brand Officer

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Nigel Lowther

Finance Manager Niche Living

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Bartra Healthcare Operations Team

Angela Ring

CEO Bartra Healthcare

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Priya Madhu

COO Bartra Healthcare

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Gary O’Sullivan

CFO Bartra Healthcare

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Dairmuid O’Reilly

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

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